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Here's some fan mail, it never fails.

It makes me want to wag my tail.

When it comes I want to wail, "Fan mail!!!"

Fan Mail

A wee note to thank you so much for your lovely work. The quilt looks quite wonderful, and the best part is that I will be able to present it to my friend within a few days. I am most grateful! ~ Fondly ~ Cecile

Thank you, the quilt is beautiful. Everyone was admiring the great quilting job! ~Melody

They are gorgeous ~ you do work wonders! Thank you ~ Barb L.

I love the designs you choose for the quilts. Good job! I am happy. You do beautiful work. Thank you, thank you. ~ Much appreciated ~ Maxine

Sharon ~ I found the dandelions! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. ~ Kathy

Thank you for all the help with the making of my quilt…. a beautiful creation.
What I love about the Quilt and Quilting is all the people I have met who have helped me along the way. ~ Thank you ~Vickie

You did a great job! ~ The designs and thread color are perfect. ~ Thanks again ~ Dee

Thank you for the “quickie”! ~ This is for the “Hobo Hotel, the cat shelter at my mom’s. They are having an auction to raise $ for the kittens ~ Purrrfect ~ Thanks ~ Tamara

My granddaughter and I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to visit you and enjoy all of your artistic projects. I strongly feel more motivated to put more effort in my quilting and less in my tears. I look forward to seeing you soon and have you quilt my quilt top on your machine. Your compassion and loving spirit touched me deeply. Thank you.
Love ~ Ruth

Thank you again for the lovely work you did quilting my patchwork. I know my children will treasure it. ~ Judie

It’s gorgeous ~ Many Thanks. I will let you know her (Dolores) reaction. Thanks again ~ Susie

Thanks so much! I love what you did on the quilts. I sent one off to New York today. Love ~ Lila

The quilt turned out beautifully. I love it. Thanks ~ Marilyn

Thank you. The quilt looks beautiful. I love the pattern. Can’t wait to bind it up! ~ Andrea
Fan Mail

Fan Mail

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